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Market Overton Bowls Club


The Finals weekend 26th and 27th August 2017 was absolutely fantastic - another beautiful weekend with hot sunshine, lots of fun and pleasant company. A good spectating crowd followed the competitions. A relaxing buffet lunch was provided free of charge and of course the bar was open! 

Thanks to all who made it so enjoyable, Club Captain Eddie Owen, a newer member to our club who organised the two days, to the competitors and to the markers. 

Winners will receive their trophies and prizes at the Presentation Dinner 28th October 2017.

Gibson Club Drawn pairs Winners Ann Cusdin & Eddie Owen, R/U Dave Laker & Mal Croson

George West Mens 2 wood Winners Richard Lambert & Jonny Abbott

Rutland Electric Ladies 4 Wood Winner Jeannie Hutton, Runner up Annette Oliver

Club Cup Mens 4 wood Winner Eddie Owen, Runner up Mick Boddington

I J Bond Ladies 2 Wood Winner Jeannie Hutton, Runner up- Colleen Laker 

Tornado Open pairs Winner Eddie Owen and Jonny Abbott, Runner up Cath and John Mitchell

Novices Cup 4 wood Winner Richard Lambert, Runner up Jennie Owen

Nowick Trophy Winners Richard Lambert [skip], Mick Boddington [2], Colleen Laker [lead] - Runners up  Dave Laker [skip], Jeannie Hutton [2] Sue Lesiakowski [lead]

The following is the report from the Captain:

Market Overton Finals Weekend

Saturday morning of 26 Aug was the first morning of the 2017 Competition Finals  - the first match being the Gibson Drawn Pairs involving Ann Cusdin & Eddie Owen against David Laker & Mal Croson. The first 10 ends saw the Cusdin/Owen pairing in control with a healthy 6 shot advantage. The second half of the match was the complete opposite with the advantage clearly shifting to the Croson camp much due to some excellent controlled driving by Mal as a result of which at the 19th end the match was now level at 14-14. The Croson team took the lead for the first time in the game on the 20th end with a one shot lead. But on the final end Ann Cusdin demonstrated her experience and calmness with two well placed shots leaving the Skips to decide the outcome. Despite some close shaves by the Croson woods the end was lost to a 3 shot score for Cusdin/Owen and a match win. An excellent game of bowls played in a humorous but competitive manner.

Meanwhile on Rink 5 another competitive match was taking place in the George West Men’s 2 Wood final between the experienced Jonny Abbott and the clearly talented Richard Lambert in only his second season of bowling. This match lived up to its pre match billing with honours even until the mid way point when Richard consistently found line and length, conceding only 1 shot in 6 ends leaving Jonny an uphill climb for recovery. And so it proved to be with Richard running out a comfortable winner at 16-10 after 20 ends. An entertaining game to watch.

The afternoon session witnessed the Rutland Electric Cup – the Ladies 4 wood Championship match between the clubs two most prominent lady bowlers in Annette Oliver and Jeannie Hutton. Much was expected of both in this game but unfortunately it did not live up to its pre match billing. Annette usually so reliable and consistent seemingly left her form in the club kitchen where she had toiled all morning. This made life easier for Jeannie who exploited Annette’s misfortune by running out as a comfortable 21-5 winner. Nobody more surprised than Jeannie I suspect.

Simultaneously on Rink 4 the Men’s Club Cup 4 Wood final was taking place between Mick Boddington and Eddie Owen. This was a game clearly affected by the idiosyncrasies of a very difficult rink on which neither bowler ever had total control over and at the mid point all was even at 9-9. By good fortune Eddie suddenly found a new and unexpected line to the jack and gradually extended his lead and eventually ran out to a comfortable 21-14 win although the scoreline did not reflect the match. A difficult match where the rink was quite challenging.


The day began with the I J Bond ladies 2 Wood Final contested between a relative but talented newcomer in Coleen Laker and the wiley and experienced Jeannie Hutton. Spectators were given a grandstand view of this match on Rink 1 and were treated to a wonderful competitive match where no quarter was given or taken. A 2 wood match rarely goes it scheduled distance of 21 ends but after 18 ends only 1 shot separated these two ladies providing Coleen the slimmest of margins. At this point either Jeannie pressed the button of experience or Coleen may have succumbed to the pressure of an intense match but Jeannie claimed 2 shots on both the 19th and 20th ends to win by 3 shots. An excellent game which had spectators enthralled. The match of the weekend in my opinion.


On Rink 3 the Tornado Open Pairs was taking place between finalists Cathy & John Mitchell versus Eddie Owen & Jonny Abbott. Early dominance favoured the Owen/Abbott combination which by the 10th end had realised a 19-5 lead. The Mitchells were not to lay down without a fight and from there on won eight of the last 11 ends but with insufficient shots to threaten the lead. A good fight back still left them 8 shots short in a 25-17 win for Eddie and Jonny. An interesting statistic from this game was that the Mitchells won the majority of the ends in the match but the damage had been caused in three early ends where they conceded 15 shots over three ends – a big deficit to recover from.


On Rink 5 Richard Lambert and Jenny Owen were competing for the Novice Trophy 4 Wood Final. This match was expected by many to be dominated by Richard but Jenny had a different script.!! She gave Richard some worrying times early on and at the 10th end she was only one shot adrift. Richard’s concern became apparent when he enquired of the Marker, Annette Oliver if “Jeannie” was laying shot.  Annette’s response was that as far as she was concerned “Jeannie” was not participating in this match.!! Credit to Richard who composed himself and settled down to bowl to the standard we have come to expect from him. From the 11th end onwards he only conceded 4 shots while gaining 12 to run out a comfortable 21-12 winner. Richard I think would be the first to admit that his victory was far from easy.


The afternoon session was left for the final match of the competition by way of the popular Nowick Trophy played to Stamford League Rules (EBF). The cast were Coleen Laker, Mick Boddington & Richard Lambert against Sue Lesiaowski, Jeannie Hutton & David Laker and had all the ingredients for fun and entertainment with friends and opposing Skips in David Laker and Richard Lambert.  We were not to be disappointed. The atmosphere, banter, rivalry and competitiveness in this match displayed everything that bowls should be about. Team Laker took an early lead which was soon nullified and the match progressed neck and neck for most of the 21 ends. On the last end tension mounted with the score at 17-14 to team Richard – this tension only being released by the distant snoring of Les Cusdin and Peter Craddock.!

Despite a valiant attempt by Team David they could only muster one shot on the last end to lose 15-17.

A deserved mention is justified for Sue Lesiaowski who in only her first season of bowling reached this final during which she acquitted herself very well and holding her own against her lead opponent in Coleen Laker.


A full programme of competitions has come to an end for 2017 and I congratulate all the finalists and commiserate with the runners up. I would like to thank members as a whole of which 87% participated in this year’s competitions.

A special thanks to all those who willingly provided their services as markers and to Annette and her team for providing refreshments over both days.

Thank you,   Eddie