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Captain v President 2022

By Richard Lambert Market Overton Bowls Club

Monday, 11 April 2022


Market Overton Bowls Club Contributor


MARKET OVERTON BOWLS CLUB – Opening outdoor bowls

Annette Oliver writes:

Market Overton Bowls Club celebrated the beginning of the outdoor season with some style.

Friday 8th April saw over 45 bowlers congregate at the club for the ‘Welcome’ evening, with cheese and wine freely available.

It was obvious how pleased everybody was to meet up again and the excitement of looking forward to a full season bowling after all the recent covid restrictions.

Members received their Fixture cards and this years’ Royal Jubilee stickers designed by 2022 President Jonny Abbott and the Secretary.

Club officers were on hand to explain the various Leagues and competitions in which the Club participate and how members can show their interest in taking part. Judging from the number of names already for forthcoming matches there should not be a problem finding teams.

In an endeavour to ensure our club can accommodate all ages and levels of fitness, the Committee had also recently been successful in an application to the Queens Platinum Jubilee ‘ Fund and have been able to purchase a wheelchair suitable for the green, ‘bowling arms’ and some light weight equipment suitable for children and those less able to manage the usual bowls. As part of the local community we are always looking for ways to accommodate a wider range of users.

We are delighted to say the residents from the nearby ‘Lodge’ are intending to become regular weekly visitors. Any other similar groups should get in touch and we will always help if we can.

The Club were also successful in applying to the Lottery for sufficient funding to enable us to purchase a commercial dishwasher. This will allow us to confidently enable the most hygienic conditions in our kitchen for us and other users.

Both these awards will make such a difference to our club.

Sunday 10th April we were back on the green for the Captain v Presidents opening match of the 2022 season.

The sun shone and we all felt blessed to be able to enjoy our sport and the company of our friends. Club Captain Liz Dyer and President Jonny Abbott decided to give their teams ‘appropriate names. Playing for the Captain: Team Pugwash, Hook, Kirk, America and Jack Sparrow and for the President : Team Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Hoover and Carter.

The green was looking splendid and is well cared for by our contractor all winter and then during the season by Joint Greenkeepers Jack Warner and Jeannie Hutton helped by Gordon Corby.

To break us all in gently we had three games with five ends each. To allow for the surfeit in numbers some teams had extra players who rotated . At the end of the match it was back into the clubhouse for a splendid tea on a ‘bring and share’ basis, a well deserved ‘cuppa’ or a little something from the bar .

The Captain’s team were the winners overall with a combined score of 40 compared to the President’s 35.

One point for each end won and an extra 2 points if the team won all five ends,

The winning rink for the Captain was Team America scoring 11 made up of Roy Hoysmer, Jill Willcox-Smith, Lynn Abbott, and Carol Findlay. There has to be a ‘booby’ prize and much to the merriment of all it was Jonny Abbott’s Washington team, scoring 5, made up of himself, Liz Hoysmer, and Dave Edwards.


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