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Market Overton Bowls Club

Galas 2017

The second Gala took place Sunday 3rd September.  14 teams of Triples competed. We were lucky with the weather albeit the parasols were not needed. Cloudy and later in the day just a few spits and spots. As usual there was a jolly group of bowlers enjoying this Triples competition and some close games. A roast dinner was provided at the end of the competition supplied by Marge Hart and her team of helpers, Jean Parkes, Barbara Smith and Pru Freeman helping too. During the day an endless supply of tea, coffee and cake and biscuits went down well and of course refreshments from the bar. This is the last tour of duty for Marge - retirement looms - so a small presentation and an invitation to the Club Presentation dinner where Marge can enjoy being looked after a change was made by Syd Forbes our President.  A lovely display of raffle prizes, organised by Pauline Leeder, thanks to all for contributions ;  a Spider with the bowl nearest the ditch  was won by lucky Grahame Scothern who went home with a bottle of whisky.; the brick in the wall whereby the winner gets half the proceeds was won by  Dave Edwards. 

Originally we had planned 8, 10, 10, 8 ends but as time got a bit short everyone played 5 ends on the last which made for a satisfactory finale around 5.20 pm.

With 37 points 'Job Lot'  were the winners, Eddie Owen, Jonny Abbott and Bruce Acock, even though they lost their third game to 'Another Yard' 16 shots to 3. The winners received £25 prize money each.

Joint runners up were 'Canaries' Kevin Vinter, Brian Tuplin and Ray Harvey - missing from the picture in the gallery [the bird had flown home] with 36 points

together with PMJ  - team Alan Pearce, Martin Dennis, Paul Andrew also 36 points. The runners up prizes were £10 each bowler.

The other teams were Spring Chickens, 34, The Young Ones 30, Bosworth Belles 28, Woodsend Warriors 21, Another Yard 21,Less Arder 20, The Henchmen 18, Triflers 17, Triple Trouble 16, Tornadoes 15 and winners of the wooden spoon [actually three mini bottles of wine] Ellen and Gordon Corby and Jennie Owen who made up 'Bowlers 3'.

See photos in the Gallery

Next years Galas will be Sunday 15th July and Sunday 2nd September 2018 - formats to be announced.


64 bowlers, fantastic bowling green and surroundings, lovely weather, happy smiling faces, roast beef dinner, tea, coffee, biscuits, cake, bar - all on tap - what a great recipe for a Gala?  The Raffle table was groaning with prizes - mainly bottles!  Tim from Corby won the Spider which was a bottle of whiskey. 
Marko thank everyone who helped in any way especially the catering ladies and green team.

This is what happened at Marko Sunday 17th July. Hope you all enjoy the photos. President Syd Forbes did the honours with the prize giving.

Winners were the Canaries, made up of Tony Freeman, Ray Harvey, Brian Tuplin and Kevin Vinter with 35 final points - despite being beaten in their last game 12 shots to 6 by the Marko team of More Arder. Their early win in the first game with 19 shots to 1 against New Green Team certainly boosted their score. The winners receive £100 for the rink [£25 each bowler]. 

A tie for Runners up with Yo Yos and Spring Chickens. The former from Marko and the latter from Syston. Spring Chickens took an early lead with 24 shots to 2 on their first game while the Yo Yos were more steady but winning three games out of four. Grateful thanks to our youngest member Chris Rawlings who stepped in on the morning as a replacement. The final points for the two runners up were 33 so instead of splitting shots, differences etc. it was decided to give each runners up team team £10 per bowler [£40 per team] rather than £15 each to the one. Yo Yos were Jonny Abbott, Chris Rawlings, Mike Parkes, and Mick Boddington. Spring Chickens were Marilyn Wood, Ray Wood, George Stone, Martin Warner.

The Booby prize went to a Marko team The New Green Team lead by Jo Abbott, Brian Abbott, Dave Edwards and Ann Cusdin who when not bowling was working like a trojan on coffee duty and washing up!! What a star,



Canaries winners July 2017 Canaries winners July 2017
Yo Yos joint runners up July 2017 Yo Yos joint runners up July 2017
Spring Chickens joint runners up July 2017 Spring Chickens joint runners up July 2017
New Green Team - Booby prize July 2017 New Green Team - Booby prize July 2017
Tim winning the whiskey at the Spider Tim winning the whiskey at the Spider
Ann Cusdin - caught in surprise Ann Cusdin - caught in surprise